[MlMt] Removing email from Blacklist

Martin S Taylor mailmate at martinstaylor.com
Wed Feb 10 04:46:37 EST 2021


While we're here, what exactly does Blacklist-ing an address do? I know 
it prevents autocomplete, but is that all it does? I would have expected 
a Blacklisted address to be deleted, or junked, or refused or something. 
Does Mailmate not do that?


On 9 Feb 2021, at 23:28, Glenn Parker wrote:

> Using your favorite text editor (e.g., TextEdit) open this file: 
> ~/Library/Application Support/Mailmate/Blacklist.plist
> NB: the “~” is your home directory.
> You should see lines like this in it:
> 		"Parker Glenn <glenn.parker at comcast.net>" = { };
> Delete the lines you don’t want. Make sure you delete entire lines, 
> but don’t disturb the opening and closing “wrapper” lines.
> Glenn P. Parker
> glenn.parker at comcast.net

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