[MlMt] Default sender address

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Wed Feb 10 01:09:21 EST 2021

I have "New Message: Default account is" set to "derived from context".

But what is the context, or rather, how do I set the default sender address when I just do "New Message" menu item?

It for me selects the "last account added" which I do not have a PGP key for, so every new message get the error "OpenPGP: Failed to handle the sender".

When I start typing the address is corrected, and everything is fine. I just end up getting "worried" every time I see the red bar across the message.

Part from this, I must say I LOVE Version 1.14 (5757) which is extremely nice!!!

Well done Benny!!!

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