[MlMt] mailboxes.plist

David Ledger MailMate at ivdcs.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 08:56:06 EDT 2021

This is a question for those more familiar with the workings of MailMate.

I have a problem with MailMate beachballing which I have reported to 
Benny and other than diagnosing that it is repeatedly evaluating rules 
he has yet to solve. In fact as I am just one user with this problem his 
time is better spent solving other problems.

I can run MailMate on both a Mac Mini and a MacBook Air. It runs on the 
Mini without problems, but that copy has no rules and because of where 
it is can only be easily accessed slowly over VNC. The rules on the 
MacBook Air are quite complex and most likely the cause of the problem. 
If I start MailMate and immediately turn my primary account offline it 
works fine with the other four accounts.

Is there anyone here who is familiar with the layout of the 
mailboxes.plist file? Over the years I have worked with may different 
data-structures, but this one has so far defeated me. I have many rules 
set on the All Messages Mailbox, which is not a good thing, however I 
don't want to lose those rules. I would like to 'move' them so that they 
apply to a some other place temporarily so that MailMate is usable again 
and I can sort it out properly. Is there any document or any person that 
could help me do this?

When beachballing it will not respond at all. It will not Quit. Activity 
Monitor says it is not responding and it can stay that way for days 
using 100% of a CPU core. Force Quitting is the only way to stop it.


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