[MlMt] Mailbox synchnoization default value

jls.f1 at mac.com jls.f1 at mac.com
Sun Apr 25 15:38:34 EDT 2021

I see that I can set the *Synchronization Schedule* within the context 
menu on a mailbox or source.  One of the options is *Reset to Default*. 
I have seen that setting synchronization value on a parent mailbox does 
not affect the child mailboxes.  I can also select multiple mailboxes 
and set the value of all of them at once.  I have some questions 
regarding the *Reset to Default* option in that menu.
- Is there a way to view or change the default value?
- For an ordinary mailbox does it reset the value to the value of the 
parent or to a global default value.
- If a parent mailbox, then what does this option do when applied to the 


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