[MlMt] Code blocks and "smart" typography?

Bryce Wray bwray at wraytx.com
Mon Apr 19 13:24:05 EDT 2021

Am I crazy, or did MailMate used to keep “smart” typography out of 
code blocks so that, *e.g.*, single and quotation marks in those code 
blocks wouldn’t get “curly” as in the following silly example?

for (x=1; x++; x<10) {
   console.log(“x=“ + x)

I could swear that it did, but it doesn’t now. At least the preview 
does flag such things in red, so there’s that. Of course, I could just 
turn off system-wide “smart” typography, but — again, if I’m not 
remembering wrongly — that wasn’t necessary in the past. TIA to 
anyone who can set me straight or confirm my recollection, whichever is 

Best wishes,

Bryce Wray
bwray at wraytx.com

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