[MlMt] Need some inspiration for how to create submailboxes by Order ID from Apple App Stores

Emory L. emory at hellyeah.com
Mon Apr 19 10:36:58 EDT 2021


i'm open to ideas on how to do a task i need to do regularly: track purchases from Apple's stores and put the ones my ex-wife approved or made onto a spreadsheet so i'll get reimbursed. the good news is that i can usually tell looking at a purchase if it was one i made/approved or ones she has approved, but it would help to see each grouped by Order ID because i get several copies of each message in my search results.

the messages from apple have a section that looks like this:

	ORDER ID:              MLTS447W99
	DOCUMENT NO.:        121425348165
	DATE:                 Apr 4, 2021
	TOTAL:                      $4.23

and i would love to be able to submailbox by `ORDER ID` or `TOTAL`, but I'm open to other ideas on how to do this.

i am the woooorst at going back and plucking out expenses i should be reimbursed for in general but these in particular add up. and sometimes errors happen like i wound up paying for duo lingo last year and didn't notice ๐Ÿ˜‚

if anyone has suggestions on how i should go about this feel free.

my mailbox stores are Google GSuite and the Synology MailPlus IMAP service running on one of my Synology filers. i usually keep the last year or two in Gmail and stash anything older on the NAS, and yes there's a lot of garbage in there.

thanks for your time and attention!


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