[MlMt] Save attachments from multiple messages at once

Stephan Kleiber skleiber at mac.com
Mon Apr 19 10:11:12 EDT 2021

Hi there,

I’d like to save attachments from multiple messages at once to a 
specific location on my hard drive. My guess is that it should be as 
easy as selecting the messages and then use „Save Attachments…“ 
from the context menu, and I’m pretty sure that’s the way it used to 
work in MailMate.

For a couple of releases however, I get fairly unpredicatble results 
with this. Most of the time, only one attachment gets saved despite 
multiple messages being selected. I can occasionally increase this to 
about four or five attachments but haven’t found out exactly how. And 
I can never get MailMate to save all of them.

I’m currently on 5797 because the pre-releases fix some issues I’ve 
encountered since upgrading to Big Sur. Can anyone confirm Mailmate’s 
behavior described above? Or is it me doing something wrong?

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