[MlMt] Has anyone integrated IA Writer with MM?

Edward Thome ethome at murraystate.edu
Mon Apr 12 15:23:31 EDT 2021

On 10 Apr 2021, at 20:01, Rob Russell wrote:

> Hi,
> I see that IA Writer has url scheme.
> 1. Does this mean it would be possible to create a bundle that 
> integrates IA Writer as an editor for MailMate?
> 2. Has anyone done this?
> Thanks
> Rob
> NZ_______________________________________________

I haven’t written a bundle for it, but if I control-click in the 
composer window of anything that I’ve written in IA Writer, the 
contextual menu that comes up offers me the chance to Share to MailMate 
and then after saying yes to a dialog, a new MailMate composer window 
comes up with the IA Writer composition as the body.  The composer 
window seems to come up as “Plain Text” by default, but upon 
selection of Markdown, all appears as it should.  If you select only a 
portion of the text in your IA Writer composer window, then that is all 
that will appear in the MailMate composer window.

Drafts.app can also be used to compose communication and then Share to 
MailMate (or Messages or Notes or Reminders or Omnifocus…).

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