[MlMt] Apply rule to sent messages?

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Sun Apr 11 16:42:23 EDT 2021

On 11 Apr 2021, at 21:38, Andrew Buc wrote:

> On 27 Mar 2021, at 8:42, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>> I think that a smart mailbox is actually simpler to handle and more 
>> reliable besides being more aligned with IMAP. The smart mailbox can 
>> check incoming and outgoing mailboxes for mails that have any 
>> recipient or sender be the specified email address (or more). 
>> Basically, the exact conditions, Andrew, that you set up for your 
>> rule except that applied for a smart mailbox with INBOX and SENT as 
>> source mailboxes. No need to actually move physical messages.
> For reasons that I’ve explained in other posts, I really prefer to 
> have dedicated folders for mail to and from my regular correspondents. 
> But I accept that I’ll need to set up smart mailboxes to filter my 
> outgoing emails to a given correspondent. To take one example, 
> here’s a smart mailbox I’ve set up. IMO the “from name 
> contains” condition should result in my seeing messages both to and 
> from my friend. But I’m seeing only my outgoing messages to my 
> friend. I’ve tried applying the smart mailbox to All Messages and to 
> “Andrew Buc (FastMail)” (how I’ve named the account in MM), and 
> it makes no difference. Thanks.

What selections do you have on the mailboxes tab? Can you send the 
screen of that as well?

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