[MlMt] Apply rule to sent messages?

Pete Long pete at valar.uk.net
Sat Apr 3 16:36:59 EDT 2021

Hi Thomas,

I think one of us may have an incorrect setting somewhere, I didn't see
anything in your email except a quote.


On 3 Apr 2021, at 14:15, Thomas Koschate wrote:

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>> On Mar 31, 2021, at 20:52, Andrew Buc <abuc at andrewbuc.com> wrote:
>> On 27 Mar 2021, at 8:42, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>>> I think that a smart mailbox is actually simpler to handle and more
>>> reliable besides being more aligned with IMAP. The smart mailbox can
>>> check incoming and outgoing mailboxes for mails that have any recipient
>>> or sender be the specified email address (or more). Basically, the exact
>>> conditions, Andrew, that you set up for your rule except that applied
>>> for a smart mailbox with INBOX and SENT as source mailboxes. No need to
>>> actually move physical messages.
>> I’m evolving a hybrid approach: dedicated folders for various friends and
>> listservs, with filtering on the FastMail server, as well as smart
>> mailboxes in MM. My rationale is as follows: Moving emails into dedicated
>> folders takes them out of the main inbox. If I didn’t do this, then the
>> inbox would consist of literally all my incoming mail, both in MM and
>> when accessing the server through a web browser. As it stands now, I can
>> find email from a given friend in their dedicated folder, and I can find
>> email to them in the smart folder.
>> I should mention that I was really a bit behind the curve in creating
>> folders and rules in Mail, and I’m starting over in MM. For example, I
>> get a lot of solicitations for contributions to various initiatives and
>> political campaigns, and I have a dedicated Politics folder for them.
>> Since there’s always another person running for office, the list of rules
>> gets ever longer. In Mail I reached a point where I couldn’t add any more
>> conditions to the Politics rule, and I created a Politics2 rule.
>> Similarly, I have a folder for incoming advertising pitches. A while back
>> I bought a North Face parka online, which entailed creating an account
>> with North Face, and now I get a lot of email from them advertising other
>> items. This was on top of companies that were already emailing me.
>> Different strokes for different folks.
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