[MlMt] MailMate and Time Machine

Steven M. Bellovin smb at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 22 10:07:36 EDT 2020

That's not the issue. I've excluded Database.noindex for
years—it's very large, and because MailMate doesn't try
to synchronize writes to it with changes to messages, it's
not likely to be correct after a restore in any event. Let me
restate the problem.

It is *not* just the number of messages. As I noted, on a machine
with the same number of messages, backups do not take unduly
long. Files that are not changed are not backed up anew, though
a new hard link is created to them, and that of course takes
time. Fine; I can deal with that. Something more is going on.
On my main account, I have 147 top-level mailboxes. *12* of
them have been changed this year, though there are a few where
there are sub-mailboxes. The change in time for backups is
quite disproportionate to the number of mailboxes changed.
There's something more that Time Machine is doing, and I don't
know what.

On 22 Oct 2020, at 8:01, Charlie Clark wrote:

> On 22 Oct 2020, at 4:20, Glenn Parker wrote:
>> I exclude ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Database.noindex 
>> from my Time Machine backups. It makes a real difference (measured 
>> using *BackupLoupe 2*).
> Sounds reasonable: the index will change a lot and, as a binary file, 
> can't be diffed so will have to be copied with every backup.
> Otherwise, as Bill has said, backups/transfers always need some 
> housekeeping time to count, stat (and possibly make hashes) of all the 
> the files.
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