[MlMt] Composer signature options

Verdon Vaillancourt verdonv at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 09:20:18 EDT 2020

On 8 Oct 2020, at 16:33, Glenn Parker wrote:

> On 8 Oct 2020, at 13:06, Glenn Parker wrote:
>> I have to say that, even after staring at the UI in the Signature 
>> pane more than once, I simply had no idea that this was an option. 
>> I’m very glad to have learned. Thanks, Bill!
>> The combination of the 2 radio buttons for Default signature 
>> placement and the 3-item menu for Caret placement is not intuitive 
>> (at least for me). A panel with 6 diagrams, one for each of the 
>> possible combinations, would work better for my brain.
> Pressing the “Reset Signature Usage History” button was also 
> necessary for me, otherwise the Signature placement buttons did not 
> update as expected.
> Also, if Default signature placement is set to Top, then the choice of 
> Caret placement is irrelevant, so I think there are only four 
> configurations:
> ![](cid:AAF10478-3030-4576-9FF3-289C60DA4D6F at comcast.net 
> "MailMate-signatures.svg")

Thanks for this

Verdon Vaillancourt

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