[MlMt] Bug in MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy on v5723

Raza Rizvi raz at raz.org
Fri Oct 2 07:25:22 EDT 2020

In message ID - <749973D8-977C-4E5F-85C9-B6DB774DF2EC at raz.org> I 
reported that I was having problems getting 
MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy to work as I thought it had been 

I have now tested this and I think it is a bug.

If you have
MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy set to ‘Next’
MmSingleMessageWindowClosesAfterMove -bool NO

then when viewing a message, you can use the space bar to move down the 
current message and then it will open the next message.

It will not open the next message automatically if you press the delete 
key (would be nice if this was possible and controllable).

If however you have
MmSingleMessageWindowClosesAfterMove -bool YES
MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy set to ‘Next’

then using the space bar will not move you to the next message.

No combination appears to move the focus to the next message if you are 
deleting items in the pane view of messages in a mailbox (without 
viewing them). So if you want to delete a load of known-by-subject spam, 
you can’t highlight the first and then just use the delete key to 
delete them all, you have to select them and then hit delete.

This behaviour was also in v5721


On 28 Sep 2020, at 11:23, Raza Rizvi wrote:

> ..
>>>>> 1. I cannot get MailMate to move to the next message, despite use 
>>>>> of MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy - is it broken?
>>>> I'm not sure. It depends on how you move to the next message and 
>>>> what you expect to happen.
>>> I should have included more description. If I am reading a message 
>>> and I use the space bar, it will move down the message and then 
>>> bring up the next message (or at least I recall it doing that but it 
>>> won’t do it at present)
>> Maybe related to changes you did to `MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy`?
> I think I will strip out my changes and test one by one.
>>> I meant more a sort of
>>> defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmDefaultCcHeader -string 
>>> me at example.com
>>> as well as MmDefaultBccHeader
>> What is your use case for this?
> I have used a visible CC line in the format (for example)
>   “(auto-CC) raza.rizvi at work-domain.TLD>
> so people know I have kept a copy, by default. Yes Bcc is fine as a 
> substitute but prefer declaring it - it’s more polite and English!
>> You might be able to do it using `MmAdditionalComposerHeaders`, but I 
>> haven't checked.
> I will give it a go and report back.
> Raza

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