[MlMt] ProtonMail or other IMAP server?

Scott mailmate at howyagoin.net
Sat Jun 27 20:52:41 EDT 2020

Hi Kim,

> Tried to onboard with MailMate a couple of years but couldn’t 
> understand how to do it. I’m trying again.
> Is ProtonMail good to use with MM as an IMAP server or are there other 
> good alternatives? Good meaning not too costly and a pleasant and 
> responsive service team.

One potential issue with ProtonMail is that, from what I have read on 
their support site, they do not support IMAP tags/keywords/labels the 
way that some other IMAP services can.  To use IMAP with them, you have 
to use their "Bridge" software, which may cause other issues.

See: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/labels-in-the-bridge/

I haven't actually tried this on my ProtonMail accounts, as I haven't 
enabled the IMAP Bridge with those accounts.

As someone who makes extremely heavy use of IMAP tags/labels in 
MailMate, I need to make sure that whatever I use as an IMAP server 
fully supports my specific use-cases.

There are also potential issues with latency, depending upon where you 
are in the world.  ProtonMail is in Switzerland, after all.  From 
Australia, that gets a bit painful sometimes, for all sorts of reasons.

Fastmail is a great alternative, and whilst it certainly doesn't have 
anywhere close to the security of ProtonMail, it offers a lot of great 
features and works fantastic with MailMate.


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