[MlMt] Keyboard Shortcuts selecting Tree / List / Details

Michael Nietzold lists.freron.com at nietzold.com
Fri Jun 26 07:44:16 EDT 2020

while browsing my messages (i use layout `Three panes`) the most things 
i have to do:

- selecting something in the folder tree (on the left side)
- selecting something in the message list above the details
- scrolling in a message in MessageDetail view

But switching between this 3 panes is horrible :( i can only use `tab` 
and `shift+tab` but what is selected is a little random, because with 
the tab also other things like buttons are selected :(

 From IntelliJ Idea i have the short cuts CTRL+1 -> CTRL+9 which are 
selecting the different tool windows - but these shortcuts are blocked 
for the layout change (which i never use), i like to have the same here.

I would like the have some shortcuts so that i can select direkt one of 
the tree panes (without the `Tab`/`Shift-Tab`)

is this possible?
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