[MlMt] Keeping layout when restarting MailMate

Paul Rudkin paul at rudkin.me.uk
Sun Jun 14 13:17:04 EDT 2020

Thanks for the information, I played with the column settings in the 
Correspondence pane and now the layout seems to persist. I’ll keep an 
eye on it to see if I can see any other pattern.


On 14 Jun 2020, at 17:51, Glenn Parker wrote:

> I think it’s a longstanding bug in MailMate that the column layouts 
> lose their persistence. It’s been an issue since the first time I 
> used the app, and I wrote to Bennie about it at the time. I have a 
> workaround that resolves this issue, but it’s not perfect. Every 
> once in a while, it pops up again after I have tweaked the column 
> headings, and it takes me 20+ minutes of futzing to recover. I don’t 
> know exactly what triggers the problem. To fix it, I have to define a 
> new default column layout, apply it to every mailbox (folder), and 
> then *change* one of the columns, so it’s no longer the default. 
> That usually gets things back to a persistent mode, though it often 
> takes some futzing around, as I said. It’s one of the truly 
> frustrating things about this software.
> On 14 Jun 2020, at 10:06, Paul Rudkin via mailmate wrote:
>> Hi
>> I like the correspondence layout when viewing emails. Is it possible 
>> to maintain this setting between restarts of MailMate? I find that 
>> after a restart MailMate resorts to the 3 panel layout so I always 
>> have to switch to correspondence layout.
>> I cannot find a setting for this, but perhaps I am looking in the 
>> wrong place.
>> Paul
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