[MlMt] Keyboard shortcut "Single Key Read"?

David Ledger MailMate at ivdcs.co.uk
Tue Nov 12 08:02:47 EST 2019

On 11/12/19 9:18 AM, Andreas Borutta wrote:

> Would you (or others) who are experienced with Thunderbird like to
> help me to explore in which aspects MM is superior to TB?

I use MM on my MacBook Air, but since my MacBook Pro died my main laptop 
is a Dell running Ubuntu, and I use Thunderbird on that. (Oh for MM on 
Ubuntu, but I'm not expecting that to ever happen). I use both on and 
off throughout the day.

MM is of course much tidier than anything on Ubuntu. The two things that 
I notice that Thunderbird has that MM doesn't are the 'n' key for next 
unread message in any account and the shift-Delete (not shift-Backspace) 
for 'obliterate' rather than just delete. This is much quicker for 
removing spam than chasing it through 'Deleted Items' (or whatever you 
use) to get rid of it. One of my IMAP accounts is also used by others (a 
club 'info' account), so I want to be able to remove all traces of spam 
rather than have others having to identify a spam message as such once I 
have already done so. These other people delete to various folders. My 
Android phone and iPad delete to a couple of other places too.

If you select to view the top level of an account, Thunderbird just 
shows an info pane; MM shows you all the messages in that account which 
allows you to 'round up' all the spam in one place then remove them.

I've now developed two different ways of working with my emails 
depending on which laptop I'm using. I'm also running MM on an 
unattended Mac Mini that does some background filtering.


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