[MlMt] Keyboard shortcut "Single Key Read"?

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 06:58:33 EST 2019

>>>> I would love for Benny to add a nextunreadornextcountedfolder 
>>>> command
>>>> but I
>>>> would encourage you to try mailmate out even before that happens :)
>>> : ) That's what I'm doing right now.
>>> Would you (or others) who are experienced with Thunderbird like to
>>> help me to explore in which aspects MM is superior to TB?
>> Here are my on top of my head features:
> Thanks for your feedback : )
> I will snip those points, where I have no further enquiry.
>> bundles: I use a bunch of the bundles built in
> Which specific tasks do you solve with those bundles please?

Mailman - to easy open archives and generate unsucribe mail/website 
org-mode - add email to my GTD inbox (similar exists for a bunch of 
other GTD tools)
mailmate - copy links to emails, copy subjects, etc.

...you'll notice I wrote 2 of these so maybe I'm biased :)

>> markdown for email: nuff'said ?
> Until now, me as a reader of incomming messages, prefer text only
> view.
> Because so few people are using HTML in a useful way.

which is why mail mate's use of markdown is great.

If you are mainly a text email guy you just read the markdown - there is
no special formatting, lists looks like lists written in text etc.

> When it comes to composing a message I prefer a markdowneditor, which
> standard mode is "show the generated html view" while editing.
> My eyes just don't like to see the syntax of markdown.

Yes ? I have show html view too so I can see both text and html I send 
I know both will end up to be viewed by user dependent on their 
preference to
text or html.

> Summarized:
> I would love to have a text editor for mail composing, which offers
> formatting for plain text tasks.
> Example:
> Format a numbered list.
> Before formatting:
> * Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce
> vehicula orci vitae
> * Felis congue porta. Maecenas finibus fermentum erat. Aenean pulvinar
> consequat arcu
> After formatting:
>  1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce
>     vehicula orci vitae
>  2. Felis congue porta. Maecenas finibus fermentum erat. Aenean
>     pulvinar consequat arcu
> But I have never heard that such a mail compose plain text editor
> exist.

That sounds like something you can do with osx text services.

Ever tried out 
His markdown services might help you out.

>> integration with spotlight on osx: not sure if thunderbird does this 
>> by
>> now but i use it often now with mailmate (its in many cases faster 
>> than
>> mail mate to do focused search)
> Good hint!
> For curiousity: Does the internal search of MM uses an index as well?

yes, but it’s a different one and supports way more parameters ;)

With my 1.000.000 messages it sometimes gets challenged and it does 
block the UI
but that’s why I try and use spotlight search for most things until 
Benny finds
a way to improve that situation.

It helps to tell search to just search in a specific mailbox - speed 
things up ;)

>> smart mailboxes: I do not know of any other mail app which can 
>> handled
>> smart mailboxes as well as mail mate.
> Until now I'm not sure, if I ever need that feature. Usually I was
> just fine with the search function, when I had to look into mails of
> the past. But may I will like it, when I try to finde usefull cases
> for me.

>>> Independent of that:
>>> Are anyone of you uses the filter type/language SIEVE and declares 
>>> the
>>> rules inside MM?
>> MM doesn't support editing SIEVE rules. It does have integration 
>> support
>> with spamsieve.
> Oh, that surprises me. I had in my mind, that MM allows editing SIEVE
> rules.

no, it has its own filtering system.

>> That said I uses neither as I don't want my desktop client to do the
>> bulk filtering as
>> it is not always running thus my mails gets cluttered when just on
>> phone.
> I'm not sure, if I understand you correctly.
> SIEVE will do the filtering job on the server.
> That's why I would like to use it.

yes, you can continue to do that.

> I just don't want to be forced to open the webinterface of my provider
> to add a new rule.
> I like to do that from my mail client.

yeah, so I never seen a mail client that does good server side rule 
hence why I use imapfilter ;)


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