[MlMt] MM crashing

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 09:00:43 EST 2019

Hi, I'm now at r5662 and still experiencing these crashes 
intermittently, always at the time I request an expunge operation.

I noticed recently that the popup after selecting re-open after the 
crash now states that diagnostic information is being sent to freron.com 
rather than macromates.com(?), so hopefully Benny is getting them.



On 14 Oct 2019, at 11:51, Eric Sharakan wrote:

> I've started experiencing intermittent crashes of MailMate, since 
> upgrading to r5656. I've had 3 crashes, and at least on two of them, 
> it was soon after requesting a mailbox be expunged.
> This sounds strangely familiar; I'm pretty sure I had a very similar 
> crashing issue to this some months back, so this could be a regression 
> in the latest version.
> I'm running MacOS 10.14.6.
> Thanks.
> -Eric

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