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Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jun 24 04:31:12 EDT 2019

On 8 Jun 2019, at 23:13, Randy Bush wrote:

>>> a gpg encrypted message arrives.  i try my default key and fail.  i
>>> realize the sender has encrypted to a different key.  i can not 
>>> figure
>>> out how to get mm to let be retry the decryption.


> one only looks at the details *after* the decrypt fails.
> idiots such as i do not read the key name in the pop-up before 
> entering
> the 'normal' (whatever that is) passphrase.  then it fails.  then i 
> can
> not go back and pay attention and do it properly.

If I understand correctly then the problem is that the `gpg` command 
doesn't trigger the passphrase requester again?

Note that the passphrase requester is not really part of MailMate. It is 
triggered by gpg itself. You can get debug output like this in a 
Terminal window:

	defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmDebugSecurity -bool YES

Then launch MailMate like this:


You should then be able to reproduce the issue using the `gpg` command 
directly in the Terminal window and maybe that'll lead to a solution. If 
there is some kind of argument I should provide to the `gpg` command to 
avoid this issue then let me know.

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