[MlMt] Trouble with signatures based on history

Adam Liter io at adamliter.org
Tue Jun 11 16:06:10 EDT 2019

I'm having an issue with signing emails with signatures based on 
history. MailMate doesn't seem to respect my settings.

I have "Signature based on history:" set to "New Messages and Replies" 
and "Default signature:" set to "All Messages".

However, MailMate tries to sign every email that I write, even if I've 
not used a signature for that recipient in the past.

I have the exact same settings on another computer, and the behavior on 
that computer is as expected. Both computers are running MailMate r6135, 
so I'm not sure why the behavior is different from one computer to the 

I do share the same signatures across machines, so I have the 
Signatures.plist file under version control in my home directory, so the 
file ~/Libray/Application Support/MailMate/Signature.plist is a symlink 
on both machines.

Any recommendations of how to debug this or what to do to fix it?


-- Adam Liter

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