[MlMt] retry decrypt

Bill Cole mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com
Sat Jun 8 18:50:01 EDT 2019

On 8 Jun 2019, at 17:13, Randy Bush wrote:

>>> a gpg encrypted message arrives.  i try my default key and fail.  i
>>> realize the sender has encrypted to a different key.  i can not 
>>> figure
>>> out how to get mm to let be retry the decryption.
>>> clue?
>> Can this even be a thing???
>> It seems (based on what I see in the "Show Details" display of MM for
>> encrypted messages) that an encrypted message carries metadata about
>> which keys it is encrypted to, so GPG (called by MM ) is not going to
>> try the wrong key. For example, here's what a recent message's
>> "details" were:
>> ENC_TO D62C868FA61CAFA9 1 0
>> ENC_TO FD844AB0476CD12E 16 0
>> KEY_CONSIDERED 83EB18298975A0BBD8578A52DACD422676ABC38C 0
>> PINENTRY_LAUNCHED 38376 mac 1.1.0 - - -
>> KEY_CONSIDERED 83EB18298975A0BBD8578A52DACD422676ABC38C 0
>> 83EB18298975A0BBD8578A52DACD422676ABC38C u
>> KEY_CONSIDERED 1D77E507FB3967DFF4AFCA79AC49A3964DD8597D 0
>> KEY_CONSIDERED 83EB18298975A0BBD8578A52DACD422676ABC38C 0
>> PLAINTEXT 74 1557324053
>> The "ENC_TO" lines are the key IDs of sub-keys for the one o0f
>> sender's keys and one of mine. GPG finds both key IDs in my keychain,
>> but only has a secret key for mine, which it uses for decryption.
> one only looks at the details *after* the decrypt fails.
> idiots such as i do not read the key name in the pop-up before 
> entering
> the 'normal' (whatever that is) passphrase.  then it fails.

Ah, OK. So there wasn't really an attempt to decrypt with the wrong key, 
there was a failure to unlock/decrypt the right key.

> then i can
> not go back and pay attention and do it properly.

Have you tried resetting the message in MM?

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