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John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Sat Jun 8 12:33:26 EDT 2019

Dave C wrote (at 9:04 on 8 Jun 2019):

> I do that (switch between MM and browser) tens of times a day, with 
> one key press: Cmd-Tab. I click on a URL in a mail message and when 
> I’m done viewing the page—Cmd-Tab brings MM back quickly. Nothing 
> “non-optimal” I can see...

Robert wants to open multiple links in a browser *before* switching to 
the browser. In many apps, you can do that by holding the command key as 
you click the links; they open in the destination without losing the 
current focus. Having to switch apps back to the list of links every 
time you click a link is indeed non-optimal.

>> Robert Brenstein wrote:
>> I hope you manage to deal with this sooner than later. I am annoyed 
>> with switching apps several times a day. For example, I get results 
>> from automatic ebay searches daily, and typically click 5-9 links in 
>> the results. Being switched to browser and having to go back to MM 
>> after each click is way not optimal. I also get daily digests from 
>> several sources, where I click multiple links to view them later in 
>> my browser.
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