[MlMt] Preservering markdown/formatting in quoted text, use markdown of sent message

Carl Wernhoff carl at wernhoff.com
Sat Jul 27 09:51:55 EDT 2019

On 22 Jul 2019, at 19:57, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 21 Jul 2019, at 21:45, Carl Wernhoff wrote:
>> If I have sent a message with markdown, and want to use most of the 
>> contents and formatting from that message in a new slightly modified 
>> message, how can I do that? Let's say I've created a bulleted list 
>> hierarchy (I work a lot with those as I often find that a useful way 
>> to organize information) in a sent message, and want to send a new 
>> message with a similar bulleted list, how can I get a copy of the 
>> markdown I wrote for the sent message? Copying the message body from 
>> the message in the sent mailbox, or using "Edit as new" on the 
>> message, doesn't give me back the markdown.
> “Edit as New Message” should work. What do you get if you do not 
> get the Markdown text? Is the “Markdown/Plain Text” popup in the 
> composer status bar showing “Markdown”?

I'm not able to reproduce the behaviour - I could swear I tried it 
several times. I must have been doing something wrong.

(I notice now that the html rendering of markdown tables in thje preview 
pane will be slightly corrupted in these cases - toggling to Plain Text 
and then Markdown again however resolves that. Perhaps this is what 
lured me.)

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