[MlMt] Suggested way to quickly find all messages to and from given email adress?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jul 22 13:00:06 EDT 2019

On 22 Jul 2019, at 10:52, Alain Israel wrote:

> Indeed, and sorry for forgetting about that. Instead of trying to hit 
> a tiny triangle, especially when you are a keyboard-centric Maimate 
> user, can the default mailbox be defined by a shortcut (toggling 
> between current and All)?

Hmm, it sounds like you should configure it to be “Current Mailbox” 
and then switch to the “All Messages” mailbox (or any other mailbox) 
when you need an active search to be applied to a different mailbox. 
Note that the default mailbox only controls what is selected as mailbox 
by default. You can always change it -- also after “starting” the 


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