[MlMt] Suggested way to quickly find all messages to and from given email adress?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Jul 21 11:20:42 EDT 2019

On 18 Jul 2019, at 22:56, Carl Wernhoff wrote:

>> What about the 'a' modifier, for "Any address header" as listed in 
>> the search syntax documentation?
> This is of course exactly what I'm looking for. I've read the list of 
> static modifiers several times but apparently missed this. Thanks!

Low-level, the syntax used by the search field is handled by an external 
script. It is possible to replace it with your own syntax generating any 
query possible with the general mailbox search system. Hopefully, I'll 
make it easier to actually do this some day (I don't think anyone has 
done so) :)

Another option is to use the “View ▸ Layout ▸ Correspondence” 
layout or simply use the “Correspondence” button in the toolbar. 
These might actually be closer to what you are looking for.


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