[MlMt] '>' character not triggering HTML composition

Daniel Torrecillas blogs at torrecillas.com
Sun Jul 14 13:32:55 EDT 2019

Writing the '>' character for blockquotes is not triggering a HTML 
composition, for me, anymore. When I send an email with that symbol, 
only a plain text message is sent. No HTML. Can anyone confirm if this 
has been changed in some way?

For example,

> This should trigger HTML composition.
> This too.

but the above is not. The '*' symbol for emphasis does trigger it for 
me, so as far as I can see, it's just the blockquotes that aren't 
working for me. Is there anything I can do or settings I can change? I 
use blockquotes often, so this is a bummer for me.

My system: MailMate/5635 MacBookPro13,3/x86_64/8/10.14.5


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