[MlMt] One-click global search for an address (from headers)

Scott mailmate at howyagoin.net
Thu Jan 31 02:29:42 EST 2019


I'm nearly sure that this used to work, but, for some reason what I'm 
after isn't working now.

I have a regular need to quickly see all other emails to/from a specific 

In the past, it was my recollection that simply clicking on the From 
address on a currently open message would do a search for anything from 
that address, or, anything TO that address.

At present, I can't get messages TO that address, only FROM by clicking 
on the header element.

Is there a way to get the messages to as well?  Right now I'm having to 
copy the address, go the search bar (or type /) and then search for the 

Would be a lot faster for what I need if I could somehow make that 
one-click solution work.

I could be mis-remembering, of course...note that this works for 
Subjects, and Date (for the day of the month, not to the 
hour/minute/second level of accuracy).  Just not From.



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