[MlMt] Event scripting?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Jan 30 08:36:24 EST 2019

On 28 Jan 2019, at 2:11, leo wrote:

> In the blog article [MailMate 
> Explorations](http://www.macdrifter.com/2013/11/mailmate-explorations.html) 
> (from 2014!) I read:
>> “The Markdown conversion [in MailMate] that happens when you send a 
>> message uses the event scripting to run the message through a Python 
>> script”
> Is this a current feature? How does it work?

It has become a bit more advanced since then, but it's still not as 
configurable as it should be for general use. See `eventFilters.plist` 
within the application bundle if you want to see how it currently works 
(this file controls which scripts are applied).

When I make the Markdown feature more flexible then I might also look 
into making it easier to add/remove text filters.

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