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Rick Cogley rick.cogley at esolia.co.jp
Tue Jan 22 17:01:18 EST 2019

> …a “bridge” daemon(?) …handles en/decryption locally and IMAP interface to mail clients

More correctly, I came to understand their "bridge" is _not_ guaranteed to work with all IMAP mailers, and that was primarily why I selected MailFence over ProtonMail, even though though the former does not have mobile clients yet (I’m using Canary on iOS mobile for better or worse).


Rick Cogley
M: +81-90-9959-5452

On 22 Jan 2019, at 5:10, Dave C wrote:

> Having issues with Gmail and I’m looking for a new “post office”.
> I like ProtonMail which offers encryption.
> You install a “bridge” daemon(?) on your computer in the background and it handles en/decryption locally and IMAP interface to mail clients:
> https://protonmail.com/bridge/
> This bridge option requires the paid mail subscription (€/$48 and up per year).
> ProtonMail mobile apps available.
> Any MM users have ProtonMail service? How do you like it?
> Dave

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