[MlMt] Not Junk emails on a fresh install

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Jan 18 10:13:19 EST 2019

On 17 Jan 2019, at 13:23, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> Benny can explain that better but as far as I know, the junk state is 
> kept as the IMAP tag attached to the message. You may want to display 
> column “Raw tags” to see these.

This is correct. “Not Junk” is mapped to the IMAP keyword $NotJunk 
which is a [registered IMAP 
It's not as “standard” as it could/should be and variations exist 
like `NotJunk`, `$NonJunk`, and `NonJunk`. (When setting $Junk or 
$NotJunk MailMate tries to clean up related IMAP keywords.)

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