[MlMt] IMAP keywords, misusage

Alain Israel aisrael at pasteur.fr
Thu Jan 17 06:36:12 EST 2019

I am using Mailmate on different computers, and as I work with an 
Exchange server, the tags are not maintained from one computer to the 
other. I was thinking of using one (just one) of the « generic » 
IMAP keywords to specifically tag certain messages (messages for which I 
haven’t received an answer yet, but the purpose of this tag is 
irrelevant), and keep this info on my 2 computers. However I wanted to 
avoid any IMAP keyword that would automatically tag zillions of mails, 
but identify, if possible, one keyword that would be attached by the 
user only.

I thought  I had the choice between *MDNSent* (not quite sure what it is 
normally used for), *Important* (not sure this one actually exists),  
*NotJunk* and *Flagged* (although it may automatically tag all the mails 
I have already flagged).

Does it make any sense?

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