[MlMt] Driving me nuts..

Zvi Biener zvistrash at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 10:14:27 EST 2019

OK. Here are some bindings. One caveat: after I move mailboxes, I try to 
automatically move the focus to the first message in a mailbox. I'm not 
sure I'm doing it right, especially in the 'n' key. Corrections welcome.

//Browsing Behavior
//The first 4 are adjacent keys, the idea is that I select 'n' one to 
move through mailboxes, 'm' to select the first message, ',' to move 
down the list, and '.' to delete.
// 'i' returns to the inbox, 'x' toggles the filter, 'c' is 

	"n" = ("removeFilterKey:", "unread", 
"collapseAll:","selectNextCountedMailbox:", "setFilterKey:", "unread", 
"makeFirstResponder:", "mainOutline", "selectFirstMessageRow:");
	"m" = ( "makeFirstResponder:", "mainOutline", "selectFirstMessageRow:" 
	"," = ( "makeFirstResponder:", "mainOutline", "nextUnreadMessage:", 
	"." = ( "deleteMessage:");
	"i" = ( "removeFilterKey:", "unread", "restoreMailboxExpansions:", 
"makeFirstResponder:", "mailboxesOutline", "goToMailbox:", "INBOX", 
"selectPreviousMailbox:", "selectNextMailbox:", "makeFirstResponder:", 
"mainOutline", "removeFilterKey:", "unread");
	"x" = ( "toggleFilterKey:", "unread", "makeFirstResponder:", 
"mainOutline", "selectFirstMessageRow:");
	"c" = ("markAllAsRead:");

// These control the 'remembered' state of mailboxes. In order to use 
the 'i' key effective, get the mailboxes to the preferred state, the 
press M+s to save the state.
	"M" = {
		"s" = ( "saveMailboxExpansions:");
		"r" = ( "restoreMailboxExpansions:");

On 16 Jan 2019, at 3:34, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

> Hi Zvi,
> Do share those bindings. Especially like the idea of resetting to 
> clean sheet after reading through it all.
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