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Wed Jan 16 05:15:36 EST 2019

On 13 Jan 2019, at 12:52, leo wrote:

> I’ve changed the devonthink-pro bundle a little bit (Corrected the 
> Mofied date), but I really would like to add a feature to **tag the 
> message in MailMate automatically on export to DEVONthink with a fixed 
> tag** (“in-devonthink”).
> How could I achieve this? Do I set the output key to actions and then 
> create in the add bash script an property list on stdout with the 
> changeFlags type?


> Does anybody have an example for something like this in one of the 
> bundles?

Here's one using the support for JSON in more recent versions of 

import json

actions = { 'actions': [ { 'type': 'changeFlags', 'enable': [ 'AddThis', 
'AndThis' ], 'disable': [ 'RemoveThis' ] } ] }
print json.dumps(actions)

Here's a more crude approach outputting a raw property list in a bash 

cat << ENDL
	actions = (
			type = 'changeFlags';
			enable = ( "AddThis", "AndThis" );
			disable = ( "RemoveThis" );

Note that the “flags” must be the IMAP keywords used for the tags 
(and not the display names).

Alternatively, setup a custom key binding which calls the bundle command 
*and* changes the tag.

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