[MlMt] Driving me nuts..

Zvi Biener zvistrash at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 17:51:50 EST 2019

Just be careful to reverse the changes by pressing the key again (FYI, 
the mailbox will have a little mark next to it when the filter key is 
applied). Messages that are 'disappeared' disappear everywhere(!!): in 
SmartMailboxes that might catch them, in searches, etc. It's like they 
are not there at all.

One way to do use this FilterKey effectively, I think: 1) I have my 
mailboxes display a counter of unread messages. 2) I've key-bound 'n' to 
unset the FilterKey of the currently selected mailbox, go to the next 
mailbox that has a count (that has unread messages), and apply the 
FilterKey. I run through all my mailboxes by pressing n multiple times. 
3) I have 'c' bound to mark as read all the unread messages in a folder. 
This is very useful for junky mailboxes, since it means I can go through 
them very quickly, by just pressing 'n' then 'c', repeat. 4) I've bound 
'i' to unset the FilterKey of the current mailbox, go back to the Inbox, 
and restore a previously memorized set of expanded/collapsed mailboxes. 
Essentially, this gets me back to the Inbox and collapses all the 
mailboxes that pressing 'n' repeatedly expanded. Back to a clean state, 
with all messages available to smartMailboxes, etc. I can send you the 
bindings off-list, if you'd like.


On 15 Jan 2019, at 16:51, Edward Thome wrote:

> On 13 Jan 2019, at 9:18, Zvi Biener wrote:
>> I'm a huge fan of the toggleFilterKey action. If you add a keybinding 
>> like:
>> 	"x" = ( "toggleFilterKey:", "unread");
>> Pressing it in will immediate show you only the unread messages, 
>> effectively disappearing all the others.
>> Actually, I have:
>> 	"x" = ( "toggleFilterKey:", "unread", "makeFirstResponder:", 
>> "mainOutline", "selectFirstMessageRow:");
>> Which also includes moving the focus on the messages, but that's not 
>> essential.
>> Zvi
> Cool!
> Thanks!
> Ed
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