[MlMt] Mailbox count = Recent doesn't match server's \Recent count

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Mon Jan 14 19:52:23 EST 2019

On 14 Jan 2019, at 16:04, Bill Cole wrote:

> MailMate's display of recent *necessarily doesn't match* what your 
> IMAP server reports (to another session) as recent.
> What MM reports as the \Recent count for a mailbox and what you see as 
> the \Recent count on a subsequent manual session can never match 
> (except by random chance) if the server implements \Recent correctly. 
> This is why \Recent is useless. Once a session has seen a message as 
> having \Recent set,

It could easily be an issue with my IMAP server or a bug in MailMate.  
My IMAP server always reports 0 RECENT to me when I manually telnet in 
an select, but MailMate consistently reports a high count.  Perhaps 
MailMate noted the RECENT count when it first synched and then keeps 
displaying the same count forever.  In playing with it, I can get it to 
show a count of 0 by selecting all messages and marking them as seen.

But regardless of which software is not handling \Recent correctly, it 
is a useless value to display for the mailbox count.

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