[MlMt] Command->Export->Select Export Folder not working (and a workaround)

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 14:49:34 EST 2019

Selecting Command->Export->Select Export Folder does nothing for me; nor do
the Copy to Folder & Copy to mbox options seem to do anything.  I saw a
very similar report in a recent update (12/28/18) to ticket #1723.  As in
that mail, when I ran MM from the command line and attempted the operation,
it produced this error in the terminal:

Warning: Failed to run command (64:201: execution error: System Events got
an error: Can’t make file "Macintosh HD:Users:sharakan:Desktop:MailMate
Export" into type alias. (-1700)

The workaround recommended in that email was to manually create the
MailMate Export folder, which I did, and it did resolve my problem.  Now I
can select the folder, and exporting is working.

This is with r5582 on High Sierra.


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