[MlMt] MailMate on a Macbook Air with 174,000 messages?

Edward Thome ethome at murraystate.edu
Tue Jan 8 13:53:43 EST 2019

Hello, All.

I apologize for this off-topic question.

Is anyone running MailMate on a MacBook Air (1.6 GHz, Turbo boost to 3.4 
GHz) with nearly 200,000 messages?  If so, how spry is it?

I have the offer to replace my current 2011 MacBook Pro and was thinking 
of going with a MacBook Air rather than a MacBook Pro. My old MacBook 
Pro has some spinning cursor times which are a bit annoying and I 
don’t know if that is due to its age or design or…

Thank you,

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