[MlMt] dealing with large mailboxes

Rick Cogley rick.cogley at esolia.co.jp
Thu Jan 3 07:57:58 EST 2019

> EagleFiler or any other external archival tool it certainly a
> reasonable tactic... However an archive & indexing tool (is) probably
> better at handling it than an IMAP client which just happens to create
> it as a side effect of mimicking how users handle messages.

Bill - that's a good point. So far, EagleFiler has been good. I've got
7GB of files in 68K records, and search results appear instantaneously.
I have not tried anything fancy yet but, it's snappy.

> I had enough performance problems with too-large folders that I wrote
> a Python script to split them by date, as subfolders of a new parent.

Steven - yeah, it might really come to that. Also I need to do this
either automatically or, more often than every decade! :-)

Thanks for the comments!

-- Rick Cogley
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