[MlMt] MM forgot all addresses

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Wed Jan 2 19:41:32 EST 2019

On 2 Jan 2019, at 15:56, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> On 2 Jan 2019, at 15:34, Bill Cole wrote:
>> On 2 Jan 2019, at 7:35, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>>> MM 1.12.3 (5579) OSX El Capitan
>>> I was offline for a week. I switched the computer on today and found 
>>> that MM forgot all the recipient addresses. Normally, I type one 
>>> letter in the To field and get a list to choose from but now I get 
>>> no suggestions or just one. My settings are not changed: no for 
>>> address book and yes for recipient headers of sent. Anyone 
>>> experienced this? Having to hunt all addresses again is no fun. Yes, 
>>> lack of built-in address book is sometimes a major minus for MM. I 
>>> should add that the addresses I type in now are shown as suggestions 
>>> in new emails, so it seems that the cache was purged or sth like 
>>> that.
>> Is it possible that you did some New Year's housekeeping on the Sent 
>> folder from which you have MM drawing suggestions?
> Not that I am aware of. I simply shut down the computer before the 
> trip last year and started it up again today.
> Robert

Hmm, strange. After a few hours, the address cache suddenly returned on 
its own, so all is fine again.

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