[MlMt] markdown support confusion

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Thu Dec 19 21:53:24 EST 2019

On 2019-12-19 22:21:45 (+0800), Eric Sharakan wrote:
> From the manual:
>     The markup related popup menu in the Composer also includes an 
> option to enable/disable the generation of the
>     HTML body part. If disabled then MailMate only generates a 
> standard plain text message, but it has a markup
>     parameter in the Content-Type header with the value markdown. For 
> example:
>     Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed; markup=markdown
> But I'm not seeing that enable/disable option in any popup in the 
> composer window.

It's above the headers, to the right of Signature and to the left of 
Attachments.  You can choose between "Markdown" and "Plain text".  I 
seem to remember that there was a "generate HTML part" option there too 
once upon a time but I may be misremembering.  Perhaps the documentation 
has become stale...

> And I noticed that plain text emails I send do have the Content-Type 
> similar to the above.  Is that expected behavior?  And is that snippet 
> from the manual still accurate?  And does this mean MM is not 
> generating the HTML portion when I _am_ using markdown (as I am in 
> this message)?

This message did have a multipart/alternative structure with a text/html 


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