[MlMt] Set Defaults for Compose Message Window

Tobias Jung nd at tobiasjung.net
Mon Aug 26 12:24:14 EDT 2019

Sorry, I hit the Send button prematurely in this first message! *oooops*

On 26 Aug 2019, at 18:11, Bruce Lynn wrote:

> I am a new MailMate user in large part because of Matt Petrosky’s 
> great video series about MailMate on Youtube.
> How can I set the default for a compose message window to show, CC, 
> BCC and Send Later?

In the upper left corner of the compose message window, there’s a 
button with four horizontal lines.
Click it. A menu appears, set your preferred header fields.
Then, click "Use as Default Headers" in the same menu.
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Hope this helps,
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