[MlMt] Extending togglefilterkey to switch work/personal mail on/off ?

Charlie Garrison charlie-lists at garrison.com.au
Thu Aug 22 19:48:20 EDT 2019

On 23 Aug 2019, at 9:37, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

> I have  _alot_  of smart subfolders which has shared rules between 
> work and personal.
> I would have to recreate/duplicate all those for each - that would be 
> bummer :)

I think the filters can read from the `ENVIRONMENT` vars. If so, then 
you could create a key shortcut to set a ENV var and use that as the 
home vs work toggle.

This is for Bundles, but may be useful:

- https://github.com/mailmate/mailmate_manual/wiki/Bundles#environment



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