[MlMt] How to increase the font size of a received email?

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Sun Aug 18 19:17:16 EDT 2019

The two sutblties you mention are correct. But I disgree with your 
assesment that it is not unraseable to leave html as is. Even browsers 
can change the overall size of standard HTML!

It would be ***very*** helpful for people with *slightly* deteriorating 
eye-sight to be able to nudge up the font sizes in an email without 
resorting to underlying accessibility features of the OS.


On 19 Aug 2019, at 5:07, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 18 Aug 2019, at 13:42, Roger Bohn wrote:
>> I have been trying and asking for years. It is possible to change 
>> fonts of metadata like subject and the interface. But I have not 
>> found a way to enlarge the text itself. With my eyes, that is a major 
>> annoyance.
> The command-key and menu commands somehow work for me, given 2 
> subtleties:
> 1. The body area is active, i.e. it's the last region clicked.
> 2. The body is not a rendering of an HTML part that specifies a font 
> size.
> #2 is not an unreasonable design choice. There's no universal need to 
> specify font size in HTML. It is perfectly reasonable and common in 
> mail software to compose HTML mail without an explicit font size, as 
> MailMate does when generating HTML, so when an HTML message does 
> specify a font size it is a sign that the font size is important and 
> should be honored.
> That makes rational sense, although it is not compatible with how some 
> composers of HTML behave. Unfortunately,  messages with overspecified 
> HTML also tend to have inadequate plain text alternative parts or none 
> at all, so while "Prefs->Viewer->Message View->Prefer plain text" will 
> usually make it possible to adjust font size. as a practical matter 
> that is likely to be inadequate. Hopefully at some point Benny will 
> replicate what Safari does to zoom text to have mercy on old guys like 
> me...
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