[MlMt] Message/text color question

Sherman Wilcox shermanwilcox at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 11 12:57:26 EDT 2019

I’ve asked this question before but I don’t think I got a definitive 
answer so I thought I’d try again. I really like using Dark Theme in 
Mojave, and I like how it looks in MailMate too. But I consistently get 
messages that have (1) white background with dark text (which is fine); 
(2) dark background with white text (also fine); (3) dark background 
with either black or dark grey text (which is unreadable).

My understanding is that this is probably dependent on how the messages 
were sent. But is there anything I can do on my end to force messages to 
be either #1 or #2? That is, force them to NOT appear as dark background 
with black or grey text?



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