[MlMt] Window position 'Stuck' in wrong place.

Richard Rettke pc8xtebtkw at snkmail.com
Tue Apr 9 18:13:52 EDT 2019

I normally run with Mailmate on the left half of my 27" display and when 
I open a message it is on the right half of my display.

A little bit ago I moved the window of the open message I was reading to 
the left half of the display to get at what was behind it. I do this 
fairly regularly. However this time, opening any new message now opens 
the left side of the screen, even if I move it to the right and close 
it, the next message appears on the left.

I vaguely remember this issue once before but I am at a loss as to how 
to fix it.

I was running Version 1.12.4 (5594) when this occurred.
In attempting to resolve it I upgraded to 1.12.4 (5625) but it made no 

I presume there is a terminal command to reset something but don't know 
what that is.

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