[MlMt] Tab stops and previews of multiple selected messages

Michael Nietzold lists.freron.com at nietzold.com
Sat Apr 6 19:52:48 EDT 2019

thx for the hint.

but for my feature request it is only the half way ....

On 7 Apr 2019, at 1:28, David Shepherdson wrote:

> On 6 Apr 2019, at 07.00, Greg Earle wrote:
>> In my job I get a lot of e-mails that are of a similar nature and of 
>> an informational level so I delete a lot of them.  When I go to 
>> select a lot of messages (to either delete or forward) - or select a 
>> few, but they are really long messages (like log file outputs) - 
>> MailMate invariably takes a while and beach-balls.
> I’ve previously seen mention on the mailing list here that you can 
> use the following command to prevent the display of multiple messages 
> when selected:
>     defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmMaximumMessagesDisplayed 
> -integer 1
> From a quick try, it seems that with this applied, you just get an 
> empty preview pane if you select more than one message. Given it seems 
> to be an integer setting, you could potentially experiment with larger 
> values than 1 to see if there’s a good compromise between usefulness 
> and performance.
> David

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