[MlMt] Tab stops and previews of multiple selected messages

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Fri Apr 5 16:00:44 EDT 2019


Two unrelated questions:

MailMate seems to default to tab stops being set to 4.  I'm old and like 

Any way to change it?  I did a "defaults read" and looked through the 
output but didn't see anything.  Also looked in ~/Library/Application\ 
Support/MailMate/*.plist.  Nada.

On a completely different note, is there any way to turn off message 
previewing for multiple selected messages?

In my job I get a lot of e-mails that are of a similar nature and of an 
informational level so I delete a lot of them.  When I go to select a 
lot of messages (to either delete or forward) - or select a few, but 
they are really long messages (like log file outputs) - MailMate 
invariably takes a while and beach-balls.

(I like the way Apple Mail handles selecting multiple messages - shows 
you the top-most one and makes it look like a stack of papers that are 
slightly askew so you can see there are multiple messages.  No fuss, no 
muss - and no beach-balling.)


		- Greg

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