[MlMt] Newline rendering in plaintext messages

Galen Menzel galen.menzel at utexas.edu
Wed Apr 3 13:08:05 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I use MailMate r5625 on two computers. On one machine, plaintext 
messages render as expected, with the body of the message being a 
literal rendering of the message. For example, here is a plaintext email 
that I received, with linebreaks are displayed faithfully, as expected:


However, the same message on the other machine does some funny line 
wrapping with this message:


As far as I can tell, the preferences on these two machines are the 
same, and they are using the same stylesheet files (which specify 
pre-wrap for plain text).

Looking at the HTML source on both machines, I see that on the first 
(correctly displayed) message, each line of the plaintext email is in 
its own `<div>` element, whereas in the second, each *paragraph* has its 
own `<div>` element (except for the bulleted lists), so the issue seems 
to be upstream of the html styling.

Where does MailMate determine how to parcel up plaintext messages into 
its respective `<div>` elements? I’d very much prefer to view 
plaintext messages exactly as they were sent.



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