[MlMt] "Tagged" smart mailbox submailboxes not updating

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 16:09:17 EDT 2018

Hi, as I mentioned in a previous email on another subject, I have a smart
mailbox named "Tagged" (not sure whether I created it or it was part of
MM).  I recently configured it to have submailboxes for each account.
After doing this, I'm finding that changes to tags are not reflected in
these account-specific, tag-specific submailboxes as they were before I was
using submailboxes for each account.

For instance, when in one of these submailboxes, I remove that specific tag
from the message.  Previously, I'd see the count of matched messages
immediately drop by one, and then the next time I navigate to the mailbox
for that tag, the untagged message would no longer show up.  But it seems
neither of these things happens with the account-specific submailboxes
enabled.  The count doesn't update, and the untagged message remains in the
smart mailbox, even after navigating away, doing other work, and navigating

One thing that forces it to update immediately is if I turn off the
"Submailbox for the messages of each account" setting in the Submailboxes
pane of the "Tagged" smart mailbox editor.  It then stay properly updated
when I re-enable it.

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